Always Repair Sash Windows Before You Paint!

If you would like to avoid the extra cost of repairing your windows twice.

  • Always repair your windows before you paint them.
  • Use a specialised window painter to finish your windows (especially so if you have draft sealed them)

Painters are synonymous for painting windows shut, and in this day and age, this is a regular occurrence as nobody seems to have time or money to do the job properly (simple fact that labour is too expensive now)

So if you are going to get the cheapest painting quote to paint your windows expect this result. Worse still is painting your windows before they are repaired. More than twice a week I receive call from clients who have just completed a renovation and the painters have just painted their windows and they tell me they can’t open their windows! They ask me… What do I do? Often I will get a call from a strata committee member and they who had paid pittance to a handyman to change a few cords incorrectly and the painters painted all the windows in the building shut!

Unfortunately… this happens all too often they have had tradesmen or builders that have not advised them correctly and they will pay the price twice for painting their windows. YES TWICE. Most builder do not understand timber windows.

The cords, beadings need to be changed, reset and the windows need to be looked over by a professional to check the putty, sash joins, state of the sills and frames and pulleys and check the balance is correct.

If the glass in the sashes has been replaced with the new oil based putty, the windows should NOT be painted for at least 2 weeks (best for 1 month) the oil based putty needs to set!. Many painters will just paint over wet oil based putty with acrylic paint. The paint will peel off and this will be detrimental to the life of your windows. The paint should give a seal so the water from rain and condensation does not get into the timber on the sashes. If the sashes get wet they can rot very quickly.

  • Never paint Oil Based immediately wait for at least 2 weeks till it is firm and always paint oil based putty with oil based undercoat

The correct way to do the job, is PROPERLY and there is only one way with Sash windows, or you will pay the price later if it is not done like this Window repairs are specialty trade and not too many know the traditional methods. These methods and windows have been around for a long time if repaired and painted correctly your windows should outlast you. 

Sydney Sash Window Repairs recently completed 47 windows for a 1920s Mansion in Strathfield. Each window was meticulously repaired and balanced ready for our specialised painter who spray painted each window with a superb finish, and new hardware and sash locks were installed.

The client was a happy customer as the windows now function correctly after painting. The interior designer who engaged was a previous client and we had repaired his windows, he knew the process and knew our experience in window restoration. So along with Sydney sash window repairs they had a great result 

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