Overview Of Our Prices

We have a minimum fee for window repairs to the value of $700.00 plus GST (equivalent to 2 windows Standard Service)


Sash Cord Replacment  

Basic service (Timber Double Hung Sash Windows) 

Top & bottom windows (4 cords) $220 plus GST


Remove all beading's, release top & bottom sashes, weights + scrape sash friction points + replace sash cords & weights + oil pulleys + re-install all sashes, existing parts & stop beading's + remove  rubbish + vacuum room.

Some beading's or counterbalance weight may need replacement (variable) Allow $90 for parting beads $40 for stop beads replacements

Spiral Balance Replacment

Basic service (Timber & Aluminium Double Hung Windows)

Top & Bottom Windows (4 cords) $270 plus GST


Replace spiral balances to double hung window + remove rubbish + vacuum.  

Some beading may need replacement (variable) Allow $90 for parting beads $40 for stop beads replacements

Draft Seal Recondition Service

Brush pile draft seal Is machined into newly installed cedar beading's, top & meeting rails, smooth sliding windows that are an investment in noise and draft reduction & lower energy bills.

$590 + GST for spiral balance windows


Remove all beading's and sashes, Replace all beading's with our brush pile and end cap Draft seal system installed into red cedar beading's. Check sashes for any loose joint, Machine top and meeting rails of sashes and install end cap seals, Check glass and putty for damage, Replace any loose putty, Check pulleys are oiled and operable, Check counterbalance weight system is correct.

Install new cotton Sash cord for top and bottom windows (4 cords), reinstall all new beading's and sashes, existing fittings. Correct meeting rails to be flush if required, set all beading's correctly to allow for painting and smooth sliding windows.

Some counterbalance weight may need replacement (variable)


Basic 3mm Clear Glass Replacment

From $200 plus GST for standard sized window 

From $260 plus GST for larger sizes

From $65 plus GST for smaller sized window

Laminated/Acoustic glass available


Replace broken or cracked glass with new glass, timber glazing beads or oil putty glazing finish.

We do not repair stained glass.

Replace Sash Hardware

From $59 plus GST


Good working sash hardware such as Lockable Sash locks and functional Sash Lifts are essential for a well-functioning window, the sash lock clamps the meeting rails tight for draft seal, and sash lifts are designed to pull up the window correctly.

Install new shining functional hardware in chrome, satin chrome or brass.

We also can install child safe sash bolts, so your top or bottom window is secure when open @ 100mm for ventilation day or night-keep your pets in at night and the wildlife out.

Casement Windows

Side hung, top hung, awning, vent light, hopper window.

Standard Service $220 plus GST

Installation of child safe security lockable chain winders $145 plus GST


Removal of casement sash + oil hinges + plane sash to fit + replace sash to fit + check sash hardware + remove rubbish & vacuum. 

Draft seal available, soundproof glazing available

Timber Window Frame & Box Repairs

Replace rusted pulleys $75 plus GST

Install new window pockets $65 plus GST  Frame repairs (priced on condition) 

Lead sill flashings $250 plus GST per sill


Generally the timber frames and boxes of traditional double hung windows are sound, but occasionally will require timber inserts, bogging, flashing to sills, new pulleys or window pockets and on occasions will need the architraves removed as the boxes are full of nails stopping the weights from functioning correctly. We do not replace sills. 

Flaking paint and minor holes are the job of the painter

Our “Services and Price Guide” gives you a total indication of our prices.

 If our price list is acceptable, and you would like to proceed, “Book us in” with the below steps

  • Confirm by return email with your full details (Full name, phone, address, email address, approx. scope of works)
  •  Leanne (our admin) will be in touch to schedule your works.
  • We will discuss and refine and your window repair needs on the day scheduled.

Our fully stocked vans carry all the parts and tools necessary to repair your sash windows correctly If you have any questions regards our price-list and your windows please feel free to call me.

*We have a minimum of 2 double hung windows "standard Service plus beading change to book in a repair*

We have a minimum fee for window repairs to the value of  $700.00 plus GST (equivalent to 2 windows Standard Service)

On completion of repair, your windows will require to be professionally painted, we recommend and can refer our fully licensed, specialist window painters.

We aim to provide the best possible service, craftsmanship, attention to finish detail, communication, respect and cleanliness.  All work areas will be covered by clean drop sheets where possible, adjacent furniture will be covered by plastic sheets for protection. On completion all work surfaces will be thoroughly vacuumed. All rubbish will be removed offsite.  All repairs are done onsite All license’s and insurance are supplied.  On completion of repair, your windows will require to be professionally painted.  We can refer you to our professional licensed window painters.

Prices are based upon reasonable access to windows, if access is difficult adjustments will be negotiated