Built to Last

Traditional Double Hung Timber counterbalance sash windows have the best design and were built to last. They have stood the test of time. Made of traditional seasoned Australian local cedars, quality hardwood sills the joinery on traditional sash windows was made when joiners had time to do their job properly and to last. Once restored you traditional windows will last for decades before repair is required unlike newer timber and aluminum window that are built of inferior materials and design, and only carry a one year guarantee.

Cost Effective

Restoring you’re double hung hung box framed sash windows ,draft proofed and energy efficient is below half the cost of new quality custom built box frame windows.

If you just repair your window with new cords and beading's the cost will be less than 1/3 of the cost of replacement with new quality custom built box frame windows.

Available Parts

Traditional wooden sash window parts such as sash cords, beadings, pulleys counterbalance weight, are easily accessible and can be maintained easily over the years and decades

Traditional windows were made with the ability to repair easily or restore with acoustic glass and draft seal, energy efficient with readily available parts.

Unlike modern style timber and aluminum windows where parts are difficult or often impossible to source and modern windows only give one year guarantee. Try and get a window company to come and repair your windows after one year, you won’t! Within a few years your new windows will fail with serious problems and will be wishing you had restored your traditional windows.


When doing a restoration on a heritage home you will want to keep the style and profiles to retain the character and aesthetics of your property, so restoration of your existing tradition windows is the best option.

Don’t be fooled by a builder or window company who offers you cheaply made windows in the same style with inferior timber joinery and spiral balances, your window mechanisms and joinery will be failing within a few years.

For me worst of all is seeing the cheap option of replacing beautiful old sash windows with tacky aluminum windows that destroys the aesthetics and value of property’s.

Top Ventilation

Heritage style double hung box framed windows were designed for top and bottom ventilation, 2 vertically sliding window’s (most people think the top window is fixed, it is not it is just painted or nailed shut and needs to be repaired correctly to function) if you windows function top and bottom they are easy to clean, paint, and you can sit on the lounge with the lounge and have the ventilation above your head.


Ease of Operation

Open and close your traditional double hung box frame window with your little finger if it is balanced repaired/painted correctly they are beautifully designed so the weights do the lifting for you, they are a pleasure to use. Unlike more modern aluminum and timber spring style windows which are designed to push against gravity and are cumbersome to say the least.